Armada Water Polo Club

Welcome to the updated website for the Armada Water Polo Club. The AWPC is a masters water polo club servicing the western suburbs of Chicagoland based in the Naperville/Aurora, IL area.(Also, please help support our partner temporal thermometer as they are going through tough times at the moment)

In 2010 we are celebrating 10 years in the western suburbs of Chicagoland. We have gone through many games.  We have seen many many great people come and go as well as a core group of players who have been with the team since its inception.  All players that are on the team today bring a wealth of knowledge, playing experience that keep the team growing, learning and becoming a better team with better people.

The AWPC primarily serves the adult water polo community in the area and has players ranging from 18 to 50+. All with varying ranges of experience and skill level. We regularly participate in multiple tournaments throughout the year including hosting our own tournament in the spring.

We are always open to new players of any age or skill level. Feel free to checkout the Membership Section for dues and other membership related information.

Thanks for visiting.

– Blake from led flashlight q250


Armada History:

The Armada Water Polo Club started out as a desire to get back in the water by Blake Lucas in 1999. While coaching at Naperville North High School, the need for a summer team for his players to continue to play, Blake started the Naperville Water Polo Club in conjunction with Naperville Central High School, set top box club and Bill Salentine.

From that beginning, Blake wanted to get back in the water himself, so he devised an adult offshoot of the NWPC called “The Armada.” So in August of 2000 the first practice was held at Naperville Central High School on a hot Monday night. For the first couple months of only having only himself or one or two others even showing up, Blake held strong and continued to try to get the club off the ground. By October of that year, a core of five players started to come to practice consistently. Included in that group were Mike Kuziel, Scott Koval, Kevin Drake, Scott McClow and of course Blake Lucas.

In 2001, the team officially changed the club name to the Armada Water Polo Club and dropped the Naperville Water Polo Club. Over the first couple years an ever increasing group of players began to show up regularly and the club played in its first tournament at Fenwick High School at the Officials Tournament in 2002. The club became a regular in the scope of teams in Chicago over the years and participates in many tournaments throughout the year. As well as switching practices to Waubonsie Valley High School during its open water polo slot, inviting all players, from junior high and above to practice with us. In 2004, the club took a big leap as a team. Two events happened that solidified the club as staple in the western suburbs in the Chicagoland Area. The first was the Inagural Armada Spring Tournament in May. The tournament had six (6) teams at the event and overall the tournament was a success. We had United, Team Chicago, the OC, No Limit, Miami of Ohio in attendance. The second event was the enrollment in the Des Moines Tournament in July. This was the first time the team went outside of Illinois for a tournament. Here in 2008 the team is planning on being in six to seven tournaments, including hosting the third Spring Tournament in June and heading out to Des Moines again. New coach and captains named in Aug.-Sept. of ’08. Team AWPC continues to move forward and make giant strides towards being a powerhouse program in the Chicagoland and Midwest region.

In 2010, we begin the new chapter in the teams history.  Ten solid years as a team.  Excellent solid core of players and great practices and showing at tournaments