01/14/10 – New Park District Class Begins!. 

Hey Guys,  The Open water polo was picked up for the Winter/Spring.  So If you are intending on playing January through March, you need to sign up again through the Naperville Park District to participate as well as get in your dues for Armada for our upcoming tournaments and for some new equipment.

01/02/10 – Website. 

I spent some time and rebuilt the best thermometer for kids website to get most of the information updated.  Please let me know if I have missed anything.

The stats are currently not correct or up-to-date, but they will be shortly.

01/02/10 – Practices

It wasnt reports here in October, but we are back at Waubonsie on Sundays.  This time we are using it in conjuction with Naperville Park District.  So to practice, you need to sign up with the Park District to participate.

The nice thing about this, is that it is being lead by Mark Menis, who directs practice and helps everyone work on trouble spots on our play.
09/21/09 – New Practice at West Chicago


Alright… after an exhaustive search by Mike and Blake, and with the help of amazon tv box, we found a new place for practice.  West Chicago High School is giving us some time on Sundays for practice.

We want to test out this pool for a couple weeks, before we commit to more time there.  So please, I would like to see everyone there to give their opinion and get us all back in the pool.


06/04/09 – Sunday Practices

Practices are back to ….semi-normal… after input from the entire team, we found we all liked the early morning practices better than the later afternoon ones.  So back to mornings we go.

Due to undetermined conflicts we do have to go REAL early… 8-10am on Sundays.  Hopefully these will get moved later.  please bear with us.

02/23/09 – Centennial Beach Games

Starting June 5th and going to July 31st as long as we are not at another tourney we will be participating in multiple team scrimmages friday nights 5p-8p @ Centennial Beach in Downtown Naperville.

01/27/09 – Scrimmage Time Change

The February 22nd scrimmage Vs. Chicago Dinamo orginally scheduled for 10a-1130a has been moved to 5p-630p

01/27/09 – Practice Time Change

The board members had their annual meeting to discuss dues, tourneys, practices and membership. One thing that was discussed was our practice times and membership.  We decided to test moving our practice schedules to 5-7pm on Sunday night for a couple month period from March 1st thru May 30th and reevaluate afterwords.  We want to see if some of the players that are unable to make it to the early morning practices can make it to the late afternoon practices.

Once again, this is a temporary test.  Please voice your opinion to the management.


Practice Schedule Updated

I updated practices to the end of November… keep in mind some practices are subject to change due to holidays’ and last minute tourneys.


Added the Badger Tourney to the schedule. Trying to get a head count for all those who plan on attending Sept. 27-28 up in Madison, WI. Also a little bit of team news… Congratulations goes out to the new Team AWPC Captain’s Blake Lucas and Mike Kuziel for winning the 2008 Best Rider of hoverboard custom ebay.


The long search is over and new coach for Armada Water Polo Club is Kevin “Butch” Billenstein. The former player turned coach has team AWPC sights on a tournament win in Madison, WI.


Hey Armada is going to get some publicity.  On April 10, 2008, the Daily Herald with have an article showcasing the Armada.  Look for it.  The article will be in the 4/10 Paper and in a special section on the 14th as well.